Short Story Time: I was insulted by a fellow Christian!

Disclaimer: This post is not to offend anyone, but to share a story and my thoughts on an experience that I had. 

I walked passed a group of extremist Christians as I often do at the University I attend. It seems like every day they are out there with their picket signs condemning everyone they see in their paths to hell…even the ones who will listen. They wait outside all day by the library with their megaphones telling students that even feminists are going to hell.  When I see them I try my hardest to steer clear of them because I know how I get and it’s better to laugh it off rather than it turn into a religious debate.

I am a non-denominational Christian and I felt completely distant from the people who were before me. Preaching from the same bible that I read.

Walking passed them I heard one man say that this student wasn’t a real muslim because he doesn’t go and bomb people. The same man also told this girl who was wearing a hijab that she was “showing too much face.” and that if she really practiced her religion he wouldn’t see nothing more than an eyelash. I was so shocked to see and hear what these people were saying.

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2017: 3 Weeks In


The fact that “new year new me” is still a thing isn’t shocking and although every year I set these goals for myself, I often struggle with the commitment by the first week of the year. I completely understand the difficulty. But at what point am I going to commit to the rules and regulations that I made for myself for the new year?

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Let’s talk “Normcore”

Alexa Chung interviewed Greg Fong and Emily Segal on Season 2 of her Future of Fashion series. There I found a trend forecasting group based in New York City called K-HOLE. It’s a small group that does research on modern topics and social phenomena and create predictions and resolutions based on their findings. Not gonna lie. I have been captivated by their reports. K-HOLE was known for the term “Normcore” which can be found in their YouthMode report as well as from the mouths and twitter fingers of today’s well…youth.  Continue reading

“You are a soul with a body…”

Music appreciation

I’m currently watching Jhene Aiko’s “Behind the Seen” documentary from back in 2014 and as much as I want to say I have seen it before, every time I watch her interviews or listen to her music I find myself learning something new.

She talks about her music and who inspires her to write and record including her daughter, her brother, experiences etc. and it’s very captivating. Listening to someone speak so honestly reminds me of myself in figuring out what medium I want to use to tell mine.

This world, that could be seen through a different lens of beauty, art, adventure and creativity is often seen as a scary place filled with hate and vengeance. Jhene’s music reminds me to look at the world through a different lens even when everything around you seems to be going into turmoil.

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My sister and I agreed that yesterday, December 28, we were going to have a day. A day to explore downtown Houston, find a new place to eat and simply enjoy the city. The simple things is what’s worth taking a pause for.

We went shopping for a few hours and I got some much needed dress clothes. Afterwards we took a trip downtown. (well not much of a trip rather a 20 minute drive.) We went without any specific goal or set destination, but to find and be found.

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A rose must follow

The combination of a lyrical and musical muse you are poetry and white sound bouncing off the walls creating a safe haven.

That room that is created no matter where I am. In that dark forest where the trees hold secrets and it’s fall and my long black dress treads the leaves I feel safe when your song plays. My arms spread out as if embracing nature with a great hug only to wrap them around myself to love myself. That safe place.

Of finding who I am through that song. Feeling lost and having that craving to find who I am through lyrics. Afraid of leaving behind what I know when they may be the only source to truly discover who I am supposed to be. The melodies of that song and the flow of those lyrics haunt me. Trying to lure me back from the escape from my happy place. Trying my hardest not to remain complacent and to leave it all behind but, maybe that’s just it. Searching for that rose in the midst of the forest may be my answer. The smell and the color, deep crimson, may allow me to escape from that song and that melody. The one that plays like a record. Constant like stars after you bump your head.


You are my escape, but I often wonder if I’m talking about you, or me.


-Quia Tian

Insert good vibes here [ ]

Recently there have been a few things that have been keeping me sane lately. I have been in need of an outlet and I think I’ve found a few things that have been of assistance.


Ive only watched the first episode of Insecure and I already love the show. Issa Rae is basically the inner me. I have been following her since her youtube series ‘Awkward Black Girl’ and so I was extremely excited to hear that she was on TV. I’ve been so busy that I don’t get to watch a whole lot of TV so Im probably going to binge watch it online now that the first season is over. (That way I can take a break from Netflix ;))

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