My name is QuiaTian. (kee-yuh tee-ahn)

Welcome! I created Crown & Quality because I wanted to be a representative of what it means to be confident, a good leader and motivator and an inspirer. With technology having a whirlwind on us all, I wanted this blog to be a reminder that it is ok to embrace authenticity and originality. Here I will be talking about my thoughts/ opinions on certain topics, tips, favorites, music and much more. Coming from a college student in Houston, trying to make it in the PR world I am just a regular girl with a regular blog and a big dream. I want to help bring back those creative spirits we all know and love.

 Wear your crown gracefully, and embrace quality over quantity.



Point of View is pretty self explanatory. You get to see a few pictures outside of the blog itself. You go there for inspiration, to see what I am up to without having to scroll through a bunch of writing to get there.

Fashion Newsroom

I created the Newsroom to be a fashion piggy bank as I capture and save all of the creativity and effort I see in the street. Whether that be funky hairstyles, outfits, or overall Swagatry, I wanted to make sure that my readers get a little bit of the experience that I did.