The Selfish Prayer

I’ve been in a very enlightening mood lately. It’s so satisfying knowing that you can be 100%  with yourself and that is OK. Not many people feel that and worse not many know that. I wrote myself a prayer today. I’m calling it the selfish prayer. I am basically manifesting good vibes into my life and I wanted to share it in case my followers/ readers are in a place where they need some encouragement and positivity.

I was struggling with how to fit my chill and relaxed personality in with people who were loud, friendly and outgoing. I have spent years trying to understand how certain people made it so easy to be open to people they didn’t know. I’m at the point now where I know that it is OK to be selective, different and a person that takes her time.

My Selfish Prayer:

Lord, I pray for solitude in my approach at life.

That my discernment grasps harder than the weakness of my flesh.

I pray for transparency and that I find peace in it.

I pray I find perfection in each of my flaws.

That the way I handle life isn’t selfish but that I consider self and never forget thyself.

Allow me to walk without losing my sight and that the angel that walks beside me never loses her way.

Give me strength of the mind and the body.

Allow my spirit of conviction to come through in unconventional situations if need be.

Allow others to see my genuineness and I pray that I remain genuine.

Allow me to be. Even when those around me have fallen and give me the strength to pick them up.

I pray that you show me who is for me and who is not.

Who is temporary and who is long-lasting.

Take off my love and trust goggles and replace them with discernment lenses.

I pray for your guidance. For I will have none of this without it.


This is for anyone who needs it. The world needs prayer. I’m not ignoring that. But our world also needs inner peace.


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