A little more freeing. #strides

One thing that I can truly appreciate in this life is that you can be whoever you want to be.

I know a lot of people, including myself, who may over think the way one is supposed to act, dress, speak, be. You may see someone do something you have never seen them do and all of a sudden they are changing, faking, fronting and whatever else.

I like to call some of those changes “taking strides.” Kudos to those who are jumping out of their comfort zone. I admire those who once were and now are.

Finding your style may be difficult. You look at all of the models on Instagram and see the same girls with the same bomber jackets paired with a crop top and leggings and wonder if there is anything else left for this generation. You go to Tumblr  and you would have never thought that mom jeans would come back until you scroll past a photo that makes you want to make an instant purchase. But then you second guess yourself. Because you look in the mirror and think you could never pull off something so edgy.

I say who tf cares. The one thing that I admire beyond those who are willing to make changes are those who have the natural confidence to rock whatever they have whether it’s in trend or not. Those are the people I look up to because tbh, those mom jeans really aren’t that cute. *shrugs. It’s the person that is wearing them that makes the difference. People are drawn to those with confidence. Thats why the funniest people seem to have the most friends because they exude something in themselves what many people are afraid to show. Who they are. If you haven’t noticed, so many comedians are willing to crack jokes on themselves and many recognize their own flaws that if someone else calls them out about it, it doesn’t hurt as much.

I say all this to say that I went to Austin this week for my sister’s graduation and I tried something different. Something a little more freeing. I have always said that I wouldn’t wear hats because I thought my head was too big. I did that. I avoided this skirt because I wasn’t as small as I was when I bought it and I didn’t want to worry about the attached skirt underneath rising. I made it work. I have been breaking out like crazy boys and I didn’t really want to take a ton of pictures but..makeup. It may not be what other people are used to but if you look good! Why not??

No more making excuses for yourself people.

Do wtf you want. Take those strides I was talking about. & then rock them.


This is an honest post.

I’ll be graduating college this December.

Im still trying to swallow that. Whole. I keep telling myself and those around me that I can’t wait but the closer the time gets the more I really start dissecting what I want for my life. I’m not too sure where I want to live and I’ve applied to countless jobs… maybe 100 and I still find myself nowhere and unprepared. I have so much support which is great but I know eventually Im going to have to figure things out on my own.

This summer I plan on taking summer classes, working and working out and maybe a bit of travel. Im looking for internships now and am very hopeful. GOD GOT ME. But in the meantime like who do i think I am? So far all I’ve done is go out to eat for every single occasion and have the audacity to pay for myself. 3 words. I. Am. Broke.

I would love to be one of those girls or bloggers that write about how to save money and live a minimalistic life and be stress free. But I’m just too honest with myself. I’m the one reading and looking up videos about how to be and do those things.

I know I have neglected my blog for the past 2 months and for those of you who have been actively reading…I am so sorry…but your girl got a LIFE. jk. No seriously though. Ive  been very busy and very unmotivated.

I also wonder if I really got out of college what I wanted from it. Like if I were to graduate would I be able to honestly say that I was 100% fulfilled. To answer the question now, not yet. I feel like there are so many different things I wish I could have done but I do believe that everything happens for a reason.

Im not giving up kids. Don’t worry. Im just in a transitioning stage. I need to organize my life. that’s all. If you’ve read to this point and feel like this was a super negative post and i’m just gonna fail at life…YOU NEED TO HAVE MORE FAITH IN ME. ❤

I’ll let you know how it all goes.