Where are our queens?

Man. This is really hard for me to talk about because I don’t know all of the details. I wish I did, because then maybe the cases would have been solved. Where are our queens?

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Houston Carnival 2017 Photo Diary

So much has happened in 2017 so far. Enough for me to feel like it can’t get anymore busy, or worse or even impactful. But life is full of surprises. Sometimes you need a break from those surprises. Instead of just worrying about what would happen next, I chose to just leave my worries at the door and step into the carnival a carefree kid.

Unfortunately there was no photo booth. So we made one.

Welcome to the fair.

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I Decided. Big Sean-Album Review

First and foremost, I appreciate Big Sean’s work because it is unique and personal.You can tell based off his colorful sound that he wants his listeners to vibe with him, get to know him and turn up with him all at the same time. Some how some way he is able to master this without his albums being “choppy”. Recently though, you can tell that Big Sean has been doing some growing up and has become more self-aware.  You can especially see that in his new album, I Decided. Sean often refers to the past and his thought processes on his life thus far.   Not only is he a large contributor to his own work, he has written several songs for big named artists and has won numerous awards. I believe that Big Sean is underrated, to be quite honest, and his art should be acknowledged for more than what it has been.

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