Short Story Time: I was insulted by a fellow Christian!

Disclaimer: This post is not to offend anyone, but to share a story and my thoughts on an experience that I had.Β 

I walked passed a group of extremist Christians as I often do at the University I attend. It seems like every day they are out there with their picket signs condemning everyone they see in their paths to hell…even the ones who will listen. They wait outside all day by the library with their megaphones telling students that even feminists are going to hell. Β When I see them I try my hardest to steer clear of them because I know how I get and it’s better to laugh it off rather than it turn into a religious debate.

I am a non-denominational Christian and I felt completely distant from the people who were before me. Preaching from the same bible that I read.

Walking passed them I heard one man say that this student wasn’t a real muslim because he doesn’t go and bomb people. The same man also told this girl who was wearing a hijab that she was “showing too much face.” and that if she really practiced her religion he wouldn’t see nothing more than an eyelash. I was so shocked to see and hear what these people were saying.

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