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Recently there have been a few things that have been keeping me sane lately. I have been in need of an outlet and I think I’ve found a few things that have been of assistance.


Ive only watched the first episode of Insecure and I already love the show. Issa Rae is basically the inner me. I have been following her since her youtube series ‘Awkward Black Girl’ and so I was extremely excited to hear that she was on TV. I’ve been so busy that I don’t get to watch a whole lot of TV so Im probably going to binge watch it online now that the first season is over. (That way I can take a break from Netflix ;))

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Just a thought.

Creating that optimistic euphoria currently straying away from my sometimes cynical way of living.

What a way to live. How beautiful to live in a mindset in which rain is beautiful and grows flowers rather than a pesty waterfall of perspiration that thrives in only humidity and winter’s snow bite.

The importance of improving ones self can be dire or imperative depending on how you look at it. One can see improvement but it can also  be seen as danger in the eyes of others.

My goal to be optimistic can very easily send me to a world where I am no longer realistic and I begin to lose meaning to what reality is.

There has to be some sort of balance. Once you start progressing to a more positive outlook, do you stop in your path, just before you reach lala land?

Who creates the standard of balance? Is it on a very large spectrum where one can see the middle?

Another one of those situations where I opt for the latter. Who really knows. You can’t assimilate the balance. Isn’t it up to the individual?

So then we will never achieve balance.

Or that may be my pessimism talking.


Go Places. Meet People. Learn Things.

A shower does wonders. Its where I do some of my best thinking.

Last night before I went to take a shower I was watching a youtube video where this girl was reflecting on her life to her viewers; almost like a diary. She was talking about how unmotivated she felt and although from the outside it looked like she had everything a girl could ask for, she still struggled with wanting more out of life.

I was thinking about that, in the shower ironically, but it allowed for a lightbulb moment. I was feeling the same way as her. I have been living on campus and with no car I often feel stuck and helpless. I am pretty good at working through the circumstances that I’m dealt  but it caused me to think….Why don’t I flip my situation into an advantage?

Go Places. Meet People. Learn Things.

When if I decided to purchase a camera, and document all the places that I have seen the people that I have met and things I have learned… all on foot?

Why not?

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Help! I’m Adulting!

Seriously. Is anyone else going through the struggle of transitioning to adulthood? I know I am not the only one, otherwise the word wouldn’t exist. 

I feel like I am being suffocated. Like I’m walking into Neiman Marcus and instead of everyone handing me perfume samples they’re handing me bills, assignments on assignments, and other deadlines and responsibilities. I understand that at 21 years old I should have gained a since of responsibility for these things but I guess I’m at the latter because I haven’t gotten the memo.

“Bills are like that annoying itch that won’t go away. Once you pay, you’re relieved and if you don’t, they will keep coming until you do. But when if you have 5 books in your hand, your purse, some chick-fil-a and that annoying itch. There’s no way you can tend to that and everything else. “- Old me.

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Building My Brand

This is a website. This is also a blog. It’s a simple blank canvas that I, myself, had to splash paint on, therefore this is art too.  Right?

My brand is all about authenticity and originality in its most simple form. SO whats more authentic than to let the world…or at least my few followers go along on this journey with me to build it?

I want to allow my inner creative juices to flourish but I have to be able to find them. I’m no longer sure who my audience is.. (as a PR my major it is extremely important to know those publics) but at this point in my life, 21 years old, I just want to write, and in the midst of that writing I hope I touch someone and they get inspired.

Not forced and without judgement.

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