Woke up feeling Beautiful, Blessed, Prepared and Hydrated.


The best mornings are when you are able to wake up and your first thought is “I am ready to seize the day.” or “Thank you God, for allowing me to see another day.”

I’ve been going through some minor obstacles in my life and have been trying to search for every coping mechanism there is. From teas, to talking it out with loved ones, even keeping busy to distract myself. Nothing seemed to be working and the more busy I made myself, the more stressed out I would get. Β (Nothing is wrong with keeping busy btw. I would literally flood my day with things to do)

This morning however, I woke up feeling refreshed. And It was all because of the small steps I took the night before.

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Waving to Fall

I am trying to be more in tuned with the environment. with nature. Being so busy with school and work and other activities, in a world that I wake up and see every day, I never get to acknowledge it for what it really is. There was a time when I sat back and took everything in. It’s been a minute.

I know so many people that have that natural connection with mother nature. You know, those people who feed off of energy and are very in touch with their spirits. That search for balance and go on fasts to find that inner peace.

I wanted to experience a piece of that again. And what better way then to wave to fall.

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When Life Gives You Glitter

Behind the scenes

Yesterday was my first ever, Pink Dust photoshoot.

I have been trying to take professional pictures for a while now because I was bored with the tired selfies and snapchat filters that we all know and use every day.

My friends and I chose white and jean for our theme, and our location?

The Sugar and Cloth wall here in Houston.

The wall contains several colors so we were each able to take individual and personable shots.

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